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Shoppymore is an e-commerce company based out of Malaysia. We are looking for influencers to work on multiple projects including various products.

1. We provide varied pay, starting at RM35 along with a test product and increasing up to RM100 based on your reach and follower base. 

2. We will select the products that need to be promoted by the influencers, but they are free to accept or reject them.

3. After accepting the offer, the influencers will be added to the list.

4. The vendor will select the influencer based on their requirement.

5. Shoppymore will prepare the promotional content for the influencers  

6. Vendor will deliver the product to them.

7. Once the influencer completes promotional content, Shoppymore will check and send the video to the respective vendor. The influencer will also be required to post the video on their social handles - FB, insta and tiktok.

Position Title Kempen beli barangan Malaysia
Job Language English, Chinese, Malay,
Job Type Fashion, Slimming & Wellness,