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Job Features & Overviews

What do you need to do?

  1. - Post a picture of yourself holding our jpeg shown on your laptop, tablet or phone as the first image.
  2. - 3 images of our NFT posted as second images onwards.
  3. - We will send a link and description to you for your post.

What will you get?

  • - 1 Free NFT worth 0.1ETH (~RM1400) on mint date.
  • - A hyped nft could easily go 10x of the mint fee in the second market. 

This collaboration will be the stepping stone for you as we all see the uprising hype of NFT.

More and more Celebrities and big brands are joining the party everyday.

Position Title Battleship NFT
Job Language English, Chinese, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Hokkien,
Job Type Slimming & Wellness,