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No. 1, Jalan 215, Section 51, off Jalan Templer, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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At Beacon Chicken, we pledge to provide natural, nutritious and quality chicken meat and chicken products from our own farm, and in turn provide peace of mind for cancer patients, cancer survivors and other health-conscious consumers.

Understand that working adults who are busy at work, coupled with the raging pandemic, majority of the people have turned from eateries to home-cook food. Beacon Chicken specially introduced the Big Daddy Chicken’s Marinated Seaweed Chicken Chop & Chicken Breast, using simple cooking methods including pan fry, oven, air fryer and boil, compliments with some vegetables, you can simply enjoy delicious and a well-balanced meal which is suitable for single or large family.


Buy Healthier Chicken & Do Good Deeds: Make A Healthier Choice & Make A Difference By Helping Others

Besides, for every purchase of Beacon Chicken products, RM3 will be contributed for every chicken purchased to the Beacon CSR Welfare Fund. To date, Beacon Chicken has contributed RM727,000 to the Beacon CSR Welfare Fund, while Beacon CSR Welfare Fund has given out more than RM35 million in financial aid to underprivileged cancer patients.


1 x Ready-To-Cook Big Daddy Chicken Chop (Original)

1 x Ready-To-Cook Big Daddy Chicken Breast (Original)

KOL can follow our recommended cooking instructions to cook the chicken chop/chicken breast. We will provide KOL the above products. KOL is required to cook it, upload a photo, and share your feedbacks after trying our products. At the same time, promote our CSR/Promotion campaign to attract more inquiries. Applicable to KOL in Klang Valley only.

For more information, visit:

无抗生素   |   无激素   |   无重金属






另外,凡购买寶康鸡产品,每出售一只寶康鸡,RM3将捐赠给寶康 CSR福利基金,以帮助贫困癌症患者获得治疗。寶康鸡迄今已拨出七十二万七千令吉给寶康 CSR 福利基金,而寶康 CSR 福利基金已资助三千五百万令吉,协助弱势癌症患者接受治疗。 


1 x 即煮大鸡爸爸鸡扒(原味)

1 x 即煮大鸡爸爸鸡胸(原味)

KOL可以跟随着我们分享的烹调方式,烹煮鸡扒/鸡胸。我们会提供KOL以上产品,KOL需要将鸡肉产品煮好,然后上传照片并分享吃后评语,同时推广我们的CSR/促销活动,以吸引更多的咨询。只限巴生谷区的 KOL。


Position Title Beacon Chicken 寶康鸡
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