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Campaign Goal: Create awareness, and sell within the Malay community. Product: Cheesecake Base, Ready to Use USP: - the one and only in the market, we are the creator of this product! - Easy cheesecake solution - Very creamy and yummy! ~Try it yourself, you'll know what I mean ;) We are looking for Malay KOL to promote/sell our Cheesecake base online. Have a nice & creamy cheesecake in 3 easy step! 1. Defrost our cheesecake base 2. Prepare your desire crust(or no crust, its up to you!), pour the cheesecake base in the cakepan 3. Bake (For DIY purpose, add any flavors in the base to make your own unique cheesecake, the possibilities is endless!)

Position Title Social media posting, LiveStreaming - Promote/sell (a very yummy Cheesecake Base)
Job Language Malay,
Job Type Slimming & Wellness, 3C & Electronic, Skin Care & Beauty,