Secure Quality Candidate With 8 Helpful Tips For Company

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 75% of employers experienced a bad hire. This situation includes low attendance, negative attitude, unproductive, uncooperative, unskillful, inexperienced, theft, and fraud.

In the words of one psychology researcher, Dianne Weinstein, a behavioural-focused resume on selecting the “right” candidate will influence the decision making of the hiring manager. When tonnes of resumes pile up on the desk for job vacancies, it becomes impossible for the company to interview them one by one. That is why the resume will be sorted through the screening process to filter out the best-fit candidate. When a candidate submits a behaviorally focused resume, their chances of getting an interview or a job offer increase. An interviewer’s first impressions of your resume or CV can influence their final judgement.

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Why is it Important to Hire a Quality Candidate?

Finding the perfect employee might be a challenge. Your new hire must not only have the requisite skills but also be compatible with the rest of your team. When an employee isn’t up to the task, it’s a real headache. Here are some crucial reasons why you should take this into consideration before sending an offer letter.

  1. Reduces the amount of time spent on administrative tasks and the hiring process.
  2. Reduces the cost of re-hiring and training.
  3. Increases Productivity to the fullest extent possible.
  4. Maintains and protects the company’s reputation.

Today’s market has no shortage of job candidates. What matters is, are they an ideal candidate?

Example of Ideal Candidate Criteria
Secure Quality Candidate With 8 Helpful Tips For Company 2 CollaTeam Collaborate and Team Up! Secure Quality Candidate With 8 Helpful Tips For Company

How to Identify the Talent?

It is better to work short than deal with people who are underperforming and you have to redo the task again. Therefore, choose wisely and avoid the stress of making the wrong choice. Use the following 8 tips to help you to locate the hidden treasure:

  1. Cultural Fit
    Every ethnic group has its own distinct way of life. In every organisation, there is a different culture. Instead of relying on one’s own personal preferences when hiring someone, one should look at how well they fit in with the company’s culture. Ask their previous colleagues, employers, and lecturers about them when performing reference checks. From there, you should be able to construct a clear picture of each candidate you interview based on this information.

  2. Passionate to Learn
    No one is perfect in this world. No one has all the knowledge stored in their brain once they are born. When we are young, we begin to learn new things, and we continue to do so as we age. The world is challenging, the technology is evolving, the people out there are competing and you should not stop learning.

    “Never stop learning and adapting. The world will always be changing. If you limit yourself to what you knew and what you were comfortable with earlier in your life, you will grow increasingly frustrated with your surroundings as you age.” – David Niven

    If someone you hire is unwilling to learn and develop themselves, they are less likely to sustain your business growth.

  3. Willingness to Take Initiative
    Hiring a self-starter demonstrates a commitment to the company’s goals and demonstrates that the person goes above and beyond the job description criteria to make the company a success. In other words, they aren’t limited by their job description and are continually seeking ways to add value to their coworkers and the organisation. They are also a good team player and future leader. There are many ways to identify an active learner.

  4. Background Check
    It’s essential to get to know your potential employees on a personal level. Get a quick insight into a candidate’s personality by browsing their social media accounts, even if their resumes are good and they appear confident during the interview. Other than that, employers can pay attention to their body language during interviews. The candidate’s body language can disclose a lot about their personality and enthusiasm for employment.

  5. Working Skill & Experience
    Analyze their theoretical and practical knowledge as well as job experience. Candidates should be given priority consideration if they are both qualified and experienced in the field in which they are applying. You will be able to save time and cost for training. However, it might cost a significant expense to hire an expert.

  6. Attitude & Personality
    It is vital to hire someone based on their personality and attitude as it is proven scientifically as a job performance predictor. A candidate’s behavioural patterns in a work environment might help recruiters evaluate whether or not they will be top performers and fit in with the company’s culture. Attitude is fixed and self-developed, while skill is nourished through training. (e.g., positive energy, motivated, trusted, reliable, responsible, etc.)

  7. Getting Feedbacks
    Whether people took part in the interview or did not, they can express their thoughts on how they felt about it. Ensure you get the thoughts of others who know the person you’re interviewing from outside the interview, such as HR or someone who had dealt with or interacted with the potential employee before.

  8. Hiring Intern
    It is an excellent method for finding the ideal candidate for the job as they are temporary. Once you’ve kept track of their progress, you’ll have a complete picture of who they are, including their IQ, abilities, stress tolerance, social skills, and even their flaws. From there, you can know whether they are the candidate that you are looking for. As interns are new to the working and business worlds, their minds are still fresh and not influenced by society’s norms yet. It provides employees with a new perspective on organisational problems. At CollaTeam, we had two types of candidate groups such as Colla Jobs and Colla Gigs candidates.

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