7 Reasons Co-Working Space Is Important For Your Career

Co-Working Space

What is a Co-Working Space?

Co-working space is a place of work where people from different teams and organizations work in the same shared space. It is a place where people can meet, work together, and network with various professionals. Since the pandemic’s start, many organizations have embraced flexible scheduling for their remote staff, resulting in new remote work trends and more remote work alternatives.

📌 Open Workspaces 
Members from different companies share common areas in these workspaces.

📌 Private Workspaces 
Private spaces can be offices or suites built for large teams. One company’s members share a dedicated room or leased or rented spaces.

📌 Specialised 
These spaces meet the needs of members who work in the same types of industries and are accommodated under one roof with a mix of private and open workspaces.

📌 Venture/Incubators 
These workspaces help companies grow by attracting and funding them. Venture firms offer discounted rent or capital in exchange for company equity.

📌 High-End/ Full-Service
A high-end co-working space has classier amenities than a regular one and usually offers more membership benefits.

📌Corporate/ Professional
These spaces feel like traditional offices with an emphasis on budget-friendly, privacy, quiet atmosphere and comfortable lighting. This co-working space targets corporate or professional tenants.

📌Private Workspaces
This type of flexible space is ideal for businesses and teams that are uncomfortable sharing space with others.

📌Venture/ Accelerated
These tech-focused spaces emphasise affordability, creativity, and collaboration. This category attracts startups, accelerators and software developers because it offers a relaxed, energetic, collaborative environment that fosters innovation.

📌Meeting Space
This space is suitable for short-term training, presentations, and remote conferencing.

Who Should Rent for It?

A variety of factors are driving the continuous growth of co-working spaces around the world. The financial and employment crisis increased the number of newly self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers, indirectly increasing the demand for co-working space. People with full-time jobs, freelance careers, and even entrepreneurs who want to rent office space for themselves or their employees can use this. The people who are suitable for this shared space are listed below.

✔️Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) 
✔️Corporates (For Event and Meeting with Client)
✔️Remote Workers
✔️Travelling Professionals
✔️Conventional Offices Workers
✔️Non Profits Organisations

Why is It Importance to Us?

Co-working spaces give freelancers “freedom” to work when and where they want while enjoying a productive office environment and a community of like-minded people. Co-working is the perfect alternative to working remotely from being isolated. Joining a co-working space is a great way to make new friends, meet potential clients, and even find business partners. Co-working spaces’ diversity of professions and individuals can spark creative new ideas.

1. Affordability

Instead of acquiring and maintaining commercial real estate, which requires long-term contracts and high costs. Co-working spaces offer short-term rentals of larger rooms for training, conferences, and events. A shared office cuts down upfront and long-term costs.

2. Collaboration and Cooperation Opportunities

Sharing an office space promotes both professional and social connections. Associating with people with various experiences opens up new opportunities for your future growth. You may even come across like-minded people in this area, which could lead to a profitable partnership. Entrepreneurs can share ideas and opportunities in this case and thrive together.

3. Mentorship and Guidance

Advanced training, workshops, and collaboration with local and professional leaders are all available at coworking spaces. Coworkers can use this to meet mentors and make professional connections. Students can benefit from coworking spaces as well. Students can network with industry professionals in these areas. They can get mentorship and make connections that will help them advance in their careers.

4. Flexibility

A comfortable and suitable office is vital to the development of any business. Picking the right co-working space might be challenging. Many co-working spaces provide flexible contracts if you need to terminate your membership for any reason.

5. Motivation and Positive Vibes

Working with people from different backgrounds also helps a person build their own identity by continually attempting to explain the nature of their business to others. Shared office spaces remove traditional workplaces’ direct competitiveness and internal politics, allowing people to ditch unproductive work personalities and creating a conducive working environment. It reduces your slack-off thought when you’re in a room full of driven people. Speaking with people on the same journey as you can give a source of motivation and increase morale.

6. Networking Opportunities

You can form interactions and connections with people from diverse industries and sectors with different skills and experiences. These connections encourage the growth and expansion of your professional network and business development. It will be handy for obtaining referrals, getting to know leaders in your profession, and staying up to date on the newest trends and breakthroughs in your sector.

7. Increased Productivity and Creativity

You can establish a “work mode” that will boost productivity while decreasing distraction when you don’t need to focus on several of the worries that having a corporate office brings. Co-working spaces may generate bursts of inspiration and freshen your mind to create alternate solutions for business challenges by exposing yourself to other viewpoints.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

  • LOCATION is vital while looking for office space. Choose a commuter-friendly area with amenities like WiFi, restaurants, parking, retailers, and public transportation. 
  • Determining your BUDGET in advance will help you filter which coworking spaces are affordable for you and your team.
  • Good WORK ENVIRONMENT is important to ensure your and client’s safety and business needs.
  • Plan for the DURATION (Short-Term or Long-Term) of the rental. 
  • Ensure the coworking space you choose has a FLEXIBLE rental contract to give your business the freedom to handle unexpected situations that scale up or down as the company grows.

Working in a co-working space or a shared office allows you to be around other driven and passionate people.

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